Crack APPSC Group I (Group 1) Exam – Success Strategy

If you want to crack APPSC Group I (Group 1) Examination in the first attempt without any coaching, your ambition should be much higher i.e. you should aspire to become IAS. APPSC Group 1 exam strategy is similar to the UPSC Civil Services strategy in many aspects because both exams have a similar scheme for the exam. Even the syllabus is almost the same except in one aspect. UPSC Civil Services has an optional paper and APPSC Group I have a state-related syllabus.


How to Clear the Examination in the Short Period? 

  • Preliminary Examination
    1. If you are from an Engineering or Science background, then your first area of study is the Second paper – General Aptitude. Just brush up these topics very quickly in 15 days. Then concentrate on current affairs. Finally, complete the remaining subjects.
    2. If you are from an Arts background, then your first area of study is First paper – General Studies. Just brush up these topics very quickly in 15 days. Then concentrate on current affairs. Finally, complete the remaining things.
    3. Go through current affairs for the last 6 months to 1 year prior to the examination.
  • Main Examination
    1. Static content like History and Polity can be completed in a short period.
    2. Dynamic content like Economy and Planning needs newspaper reading.
    3. Answer writing is more important even at the cost of studies.
  • Most Important Areas of Study
    1. Latest Laws, Constitutional Amendments, and Landmark judgments.
    2. Programmes, Schemes, and Policies of Government of India and Andhra Pradesh

Preparation Strategy

Notification No – 27/2018 Dated, 31-12-2018 Related


Preliminary Examination Syllabus

Mains Examination Syllabus

Screening Test

Main Examination


There may be 3 to 5 members on the board. One lady member, in general, is chosen. However, it is not necessary to have a Lady member. More focus is on regional affairs. Revise all the syllabus of preliminary and mains. Then go through all recent current affairs. Attended 1 or 2 mock interviews. For any question, give your real answer. Everyone knows why people are after Government jobs. If you try to fool the Interviewer, you will be the loser. But frame your answer in a positive way. However, the Interview will be done away with as per the recent government decision in the future.

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