How to Write General Essay?

‘Writing General Essay’ is a challenge for most of the aspirants of APPSC, TSPSC, and UPSC. But it fetches more marks (nearly 75%) than General Studies papers when you clearly follow the certain intricacies. General Essay is a written argument or discussion or narration about a specific topic. The purpose is to express something about an issue or a topic in a clear, logical manner so that the reader understands the writer’s point of view and is convinced that they make sense.

At the outset, Essay comprises three parts viz. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. All three parts should be coherent, logical, and well connected to the subject.


There are many ways to write an introduction for an essay. A few ways are – Quotations, Anecdotes, Current Affairs, Data from Authentic Government Sources, Asking Questions.

Quotations – Quotes of any famous person is one of the best ways to start an essay. The quote should be logically well connected with the topic of the Essay. A few quotations are listed for your reference from previous years papers and famous personalities.

Anecdote means a short interesting story about a real person or event.


The real content for an essay starts here. Before writing anything, prepare a rough copy encompassing all dimensions. If you don’t know anything about a topic, then follow the simple technique – Write a para from the syllabus related to the topic. That means write historical factors, geographical factors, societal factos, political factors, Security aspects, etc. In this way, an essay has multiple dimensions and these dimensions will fetch you more marks.

Let us take an example – “Wiping every tear from every eye.” is the question asked. Then write the difficulties faced by the Indians before Independence and how our freedom fighters fought to wipe tears from us. Then write how the constitution and other laws are framed for untouchables and general upliftment of the society. Write what economic measures are taken to increase the economic conditions of the people. In a similar way, you can write many dimensions.

After these, essay should comprise government efforts, its lacunas and solutions to the problems mentioned. This completes the body.


Conclusion is a summary of your entire essay. This should be optimistic, futuristic and should end with hope and positivity. You can even use quotes in concluding para.