Give an account of the mineral and forest resources of Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh state with its diversified topography ranging from the hills of Eastern Ghats and Nallamallas to the shores of Bay of Bengal supports varied ecotypes, which in turn support a rich diversity of flora & fauna and minerals.

Forest Resources

As per Indian State Forest Report 2019 Andhra Pradesh state forest cover area of 37392.24 Sq. Kms, which amounts to 22.94% of the total geographical area. Out of this, Very Dense Forest is 1994.22 Sq. Kms, Moderate Dense Forest is 13938.36 Sq. Kms, Open Forest is 13204.82 Sq. Kms, Scrub Forest is 8254.84 Kms.

Forest resources in the state include Red Sander, Timber, Bamboo, Firewood & Charcoal etc. The income accrued from forestry sector in the State in 2018-19 was Rs.26.10 crore.

Teak plants and Bamboo produce maximum revenue among forest produce.

There is no supply of raw material from the Forest department to all the three major wood based industries in the state. Forests are looked as “Green Capital” and are no more valued as raw material resources for the industries. Industrial requirements are met from other sources like imported pulp, agricultural wastage and plantations raised by farmer with buy-back arrangements

Mineral Resources

Andhra Pradesh is well known globally for variety of rocks & minerals and called RatnaGarbha.

The State is a house for various minerals specifically Crude Oil & Natural Gas, Barytes, Bauxite, Heavy Mineral Beach Sand, Manganese, Limestone, Dolomite, Quartz, Feldspar, Silica Sand, Semi-precious Stones, Ball Clay, Laterite, IronOre, Gold & Diamonds, Mica, Asbestos, Calcite, Uranium, Lead, Zinc, Shale, Pyrophyllite, Steatite, Serpentine, Graphite, Kyanite, Vermiculite, Clays, Ochre, Black &Colour Granites, Limestone Slabs, Fullers Earth, Marble, Road Metal/Building Stone/Ballast, Gravel/Earth, Mosaic Chips and Ordinary Sand.

The Department of Atomic Energy, GoI started exploitation of the Uranium resources through M/s. Uranium Corporation India Ltd, a Public Sector Undertaking.

Rich deposits of Iron Ore confining to Bellary Reserve Forest and surrounding areas in Ananthapuramu District.

According to the new policy, in action from September 5 2019, a tonne of sand will be available for Rs 370 only at government-owned stockyards operated by Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corp (APMDC).


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Question3 (b). Give an account of the mineral and forest resources of Andhra Pradesh?
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