Government Exams and Jobs That Match Your Skills

Are you trying to prepare for all government jobs? Well, This the first step of your failure. Different jobs demand a different set of skills. At the same time, preparing for a single job is not fruitful for failure may knock on your door. Then what is the strategy?

The strategy is to Choose Your Niche Jobs Basket based on Your Aptitude (i.e. capacity to do) and Attitude (i.e. Willingness to do). That means choose government exams and jobs that match your skills.

What is Niche Jobs Basket?

Let us say you want to become an IAS officer. Then you should choose UPSC Civil Services. If you stick to only UPSC Civil Services, the success rate is very low because it is the toughest examination in India. However, if you also write your state civil services exams (Group I, Group II, Group III, Group IV, etc.,) your success rate is likely to increase. The same syllabus and schema are followed for the state services. Of course, your extra effort will be 10% of your previous effort to adapt to state public service commission exams. But it is not so difficult as 90% of the syllabus is the same. This is the strategy you need to follow for sure success. Once you are through in any one exam, then you can prepare for your dream job. This is helpful if you are from an economically disadvantaged group.

On the other hand, preparing for Civil Services and SSC CGLE may be a disaster because both are two different niche jobs. Civil Services requires an in-depth analysis of socio-economic problems with medium pace writing skills. But SSC CGLE or Bank exams require you to be faster than more analytical. Choose one Niche Jobs Basket for which preparation, syllabus, your aptitude, and aptitude match. This is the first step to your success. Different Niche Jobs Baskets are detailed below.

1) Administrative Services

Different Exams

Knowledge Base

  1. Basic General Knowledge (Class VI to XII)
  2. News Paper Reading and Analysis of News
  3. Burning Issues and Pragmatic Solutions
  4. Analytical Skills
  5. Personality Development

2) Technical Services

Different Exams

  • Higher Technical Services (UPSC IES, UPSC CMS)
  • Middle Technical Services – State AEE, State Executive Engineers
  • Lower Technical Services (Rank and File) – Polytechnic, ITI, Electrician, Mechanic, Drivers, etc.

Knowledge Base

  1. Graduation Level of Technical Knowledge
  2. Application Orientation Problems and Solutions
  3. Faster Response

3) SSC, Banking and Financial Institutions

Different Exams

IBPS, Banks, Insurance (LIC, GIC), RBI, NABARD, SSC (CGL, CHSL), IB ACIO, UPSC(EPFO, Labour Officer) Exams

Knowledge Base

  1. Basic General Knowledge (Class VI to XII)
  2. News Paper Reading
  3. Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning
  4. English Language
  5. Speed and Accuracy

4) National Security and Integrity

Many of the posts are filled through different administrative services though special exams are also conducted to select candidates for specific jobs.

Different Exams

  1. Law and Order Agencies – Police, Defence, Para-Military
  2. Premier Agencies – IB/RAW/NIA/CBI

5) Academic and Education Related

Professors, Lecturers, Teachers, etc come under this category. AP TET, AP DSC are a few exams.

6) Jobs Based on Education

Special exams are conducted to select candidates for specialist jobs based on education. Read What’s Next for different jobs based on education

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